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How can i call a picture from another directory and change the selection by changing the reference in cell "B2" of active sheet?

I would like to insert pictures in a spreadsheet using a picture reference number in a cell "B2" the pictures are located in file ("M:\Documents and Settings\Workoiece\Desktop\Filename"). The filename being the name of the picture eg. Pic214811.png
Can some assist by concatenating the number or value in Activesheet, cell ("B2") sample only ("214811") with "Pic" leading the number and then add ".png" for me to show that PicName = Pic214811.png then change line 2 to call up the picture from drive "M: etc.".  

Sub PlacePic_1()
'This macro insert Picture.

Dim PlacePic As String

‘PicName is made up from the concatenation of “Pic” and Picture Number “214811” plus file extension.
PicName = Pic214811.png

    ActiveSheet.Pictures.Insert("M:\ Documents and Settings\Workpiece\Desktop\(PicName)").Select
End Sub

Any assistence would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU.
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Thanks for the solution.

I removed lines 7 & 8 as recommended by you and that was the results I was hoping fore.
Before removing lines 7 & 8 the picture was reduced in sizes that was going to cause me some issues. So thanks for extra changes.

Many Thanks