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Cant configure PRI on Cisco 2801

I have a 2801 and need to configure PRI for voice and data.  I am getting an error message "Not enough resources for dsp".  I have attached the running config, *sh voice dsp group all*, "show dspfarm profile" and "show inventory".

Please help and thank you
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José Méndez

Are you getting this error when entering the pri-group command? If so, you may only use 16 channels or DS0s to include in this pri-group.

Otherwise, when is it complaining with such error?
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I haven't tried to create the PRI group yet.  The customer was complaining of the error and I'm not sure of what I'm looking at. I'm a firewall guy.  Can you help?
can you provide a show isdn status output?
show isdn status is not a valid command on that router.  I have previously attached the running config and the results of some other show commands.  Is there anything else I can get for you to help diagnose this?
I am not sure what is happening here mate. You say you can't configure a PRI, then you say there is a customer complaining about the error provided. Could you please clarify what is being done? What do you need assistance with? Sorry if it sounds rude, Im just trying to clarify the situation
I need to have the pri set up and the extensions as per the XO information on the attached pri information file.  Can you help me with this?  

The error I was referring to is from a line in the configuration: "DSP resource allocation failure".

If you are willing to help; what do you need from me?
you are being requested to set up a 23 channels PRI circuit but the show inventory only lists 16 DSP channels. Please be aware there are missing DSP resources.

What line are you or your customer entering in the IOS config that returns such DSP error?
Thank you for responding to this thread.  First off I need to tell you that I don't have any VOIP experience.  I need your help to get this project finished.

I haven't entered any lines into the configuration.  I've only logged in and copied the running configuration to text file.

The DSP error is listed on line 15 of the "show voice dsp" text file.

How do I add the missing DSP resources?  What do I need to do?  Are you available to help?  My email address is  Please feel free to contact me directly.  My customer is begging me to have this fixed within the next 48 hours.  I need help.

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That's not an error, that's a counter.  It shows 0 DSP resource allocation failures.

You might be interested in this tool:
Thanks for the tool but I need help configuring the PRI.  Can you help?
What commands are you trying to enter, that aren't working?
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José Méndez

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conf term
controller t1 0/0/0
pri-group timeslots 1-16

pri-group timeslots 1-16
%Please configure network-clock-participate wic 0 first
%Insufficient resources to create pri-group - it has been removed
Are you able to enter

network-clock-participate wic 0

in config mode?
yes, it took that command
Now try pri-group timeslots 1-16
If it returns this againg "%Insufficient resources to create pri-group - it has been removed" try the same pri-group command with a lower number ,for example 1-15 or 14 until it accepts it
It did not like that command.  I believe that I am missing a step.

conf t
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.
CME8(config)#pri-group timeslots 1-16
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.


conf term
controller t1 0/0/0
pri-group timeslots 1-16
CME8(config)#controller T1 0/0/0    
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.

So what have you changed?  It appeared earlier that you were able to successfully enter that command.
Can you provide the output of show version?
Its attached to the post. I would like to see a show inventory if you please.
I'd like to see the current output of show version.
Here is the sh inv, sh ver and sh run.
Mate, I was checking the error message returned after adding the pri-group command. It looks as if your router won't be able to support PRI signaling on that  VWIC if it seats on slot 0. Check this two links:
Can we move it to a different slot? What is a solution for this?
Remember I said in the beginning, that there r no enough DSP reources? If you aree being rquired 23 channels for voice communications, then first thing to do is to get a bigger DSP module or get another PVDM-2-16 module.

Then move the PRI circuit to slot 1 or 2
Thanks.  I will see what the customer would like to do.
Will a dsp 8 work?
Can you swap the FXO card and the T1?
You use an old version of t1 card
16 channels from 1 DSP plus 8 from another module will provide bearly 24 channels needed for the PRI trunk. The FXO will have to be shut down.
The FXO  and T1 cards have been swapped.  I've attached the sh inv and sh run file.  Does this make a difference.
well.... go ahead and run the commands I suggested please.
It is not accepting the commands:
conf term
controller t1 0/0/0

We have ordered a larger DSP
I don't think your controller is named controller t1 0/0/0.  It is more likely that it is named controller t1 0 or controller t1 1.

Can you show the output of "controller t1 ?".  (With the question mark.)

Also, try "show controllers t1"
This is the ouput:

controller t1?
% Unrecognized command
CME8#controller t1scontroller t1hcontroller t1 controller t1

CME8#sh controllers T1

CME8#controllers T1?
% Unrecognized command
CME8#controllers T1              
CME8#conf t
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.
CME8(config)#controller ?
% Unrecognized command
CME8(config)#controller            ^Z
Nov 12 23:02:54.319: %SYS-5-CONFIG_I: Configured from console by console
We have ordered a PVDM 64.
The client flaked out so I'm closing this ticket.  Thanks for your help.