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Access denied: Amazon Web Services (AWS) and C#

Having a very strange problem which apparently nobody else is facing.

I am interacting with Amazon Web Services using a C# written program.
I have this sample code to iterate thru available queues but I keep getting "Access denied" error.

/*/*/*/*/*/*/* start of code */*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/

string awsAccess = "";
string awsSecret = "";
AmazonSQSConfig config = new AmazonSQSConfig();

AmazonSQS sqs = new AmazonSQSClient(awsAccess, awsSecret, config);

ListQueuesResponse listResponse = sqs.ListQueues(new ListQueuesRequest());

foreach (string s in listResponse.ListQueuesResult.QueueUrl){

/*/*/*/*/*/*/* end of code */*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/*/

When I use "" directly thru Firefox or Chrome, it goes to the particular page, while IE itself throws an error "Page cannot be displayed"

does it have something to do with IE settings? does above C#.NET code relies on IE's settings? I am not sure but it seems so.

Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.

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Thanx shalomc,

What's IAM?

The funny things are that:
1. my c# code when I sent to Amazon Technical support, it worked there without any error.
2. I wrote the same code in Python, and ran it on the same machine, it worked perfectly too.

What that implies?
if my C# code is wrong, it shouldn't work at Amazon side right?
if something is wrong with my environment (pc), then the Python version shouldn't work either, right?
does it work in a different region?
nopes, I cannot even run the sample app, same Access Denied error
I think something to tweak somewhere within .NET, but don't know where???
run ms update?
already up to date!
Try to add the page to IE trusted  sites