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Need to monitor a server 24/7


I need to monitor a server 24/7, is there any tool availabel for it ?
Or any methodology to do it?

Like pinging it for every second to check if it is up or down, i know that sounds tendious but i need that information. It would be of great help, if you let me know how to achieve this..

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And there are MANY MANY MANY systems you could use.  SpiceWorks is another free one.  A script.  Nagios. Others.
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Thanks leew :)

Can I run a shell script from some other server and check this..if so, can you please provide a basic idea about it?

Probably, but if you're talking linux (you have yet to indicate what OSs you're using and what OS you need to monitor) I can't help you much - *nix shell scripting is not a strong area for me.
Apart from spiceworks mentioned by leew above, many server manufacturers include monitoring tools/agents with their servers. HP for example has CIM. On the servers the CIM agents are installed and setup, and on a dedicated PC you install the monitoring utility which collects the alerts from those agents and then does whatever you have set for them. It's not just about whether the server is up, but also about the health of the hardware, like a failing disk in a RAID array, temperatures getting too high, space on the server getting low, services that fail etc.
I need it to be embedded with a c# code, and then need to check the status of many servers.

I need to know if this can be coded in the C# ?

Sounds like your after any of the numerous snmp monitors or the likes of Smokeping.

The majority of the toys have a Database at the back end, so you can simply connect and programmatically pull the data into your own code.
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thank you