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Incoming SMTP connections being dropped by Exchange 2007 receiving connector


I have an Exchange 2007 server that is not receiving emails from certain domains. this only started happening in the past 2 weeks and nothing has changed on our side - we used to receive emails from these domains without any problems.

When I have a look at the logs, Their email server goes through the process of connecting, exchanging Mail From and RCPT TO information, but then suddenly ends with a -Remote

We have whitelisted the domains on our firewalls and Anti Spam systems and the fact that it gets to the SMTP receive connector indicates that their server is not being stopped by any security or content filters.

Any ideas suggestions would be appreciated?
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Manpreet SIngh Khatra
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Is this emails being sent to some certain person or indivisual ?
If so i would check the forwarding and ensure the setting on that account are correct.
Also check there isnt any Tranport rule or redirection rule created in Outlook.

- Rancy
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Hi Rancy,

No these are incoming emails I am referring to and it is to multiple recipients in the organisation. It only happens from certain domains.

the reason i asked is cause -remote means that the email is being redirected for remote delivery as either there is some redirection rule created in Outlook by the user or there is some Forwarding with no delivery for the Mailbox.

Hope these domains arent Blacklisted on some RBL ? Are these Public or Private domains ?
Can your users send email to those email address and what if they reply to that very email ?

- Rancy
Thanks I had a look at the redirection, but there are no forwarding rules in place. I have also verified that none of the domains are blacklisted - we have a UTM in place which will block the connection even before it gets to the Exchange server. The reply to emails also dont work. I have now setup a 3rd party Edge server which will receive all emails for our domains to see if that will resolve the issue - or hopefully provide more detail.

Humm ..... please keep me updated as well :)

- Rancy
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Humm ........ good to know the issue fixed and email working.

- Rancy

I'm having a similar issue and am seeking some assistance.  My symptoms are that we have a third party (Bluehost) hosting email for a domain and when users from that domain send to our internal Exchange server to another domain we experience 1 out of 10 messages delayed/deferred for 1, 8, 16 hours.  Bluehost tells us it is failing to make a connection.  A huge productivity issue that's killing me.

Generally it is an out of the box Exchange setup with no edge subscriptions and not much limiting it at all.  I'm not good enough to make anything different yet.

I can't seem to make any good sense in the logs so I'm asking you.
You talked about an edge server and then a smarthost.

Can you perhaps give some advise/steps would be better on setting up this smart host so I can run it through some tests.  I have one simple test.  shoot 10 messages into our exchange server from the said domain and one, at least, will be delayed for 8ish hours.  Get past that and all is good in the universe;-)

I'm reeling on this and will be bringing in an Exchange resource soon regardless, but if I can get something flowing consistently ASAP that would be better.

Appreciation in advance.