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best way to change the lync setup


At this moment I have the following setup:

A SBS2011 server which has the roles for AD, Exchange, IIS, Hyper-V with ip

On the sbs I have 2 virtual machines. One : terminal server and LYNC 2010

Another is and (dmz) which is meant for LYNC EDGE, this is not configured yet.

And I have a CISCO ASA 5505. On the server I can connect 2 LANcables. I use Telenet Business , so with 1 LANcable and a 1 fixed ip. It is not possible to use more than one fixed ip.

At this moment this is all working (so users can call using LYNC and from the outside world people can call to the LYNC users) Now we are trying to use another pstn gateway, but then the users can call to the outside but not from the oustside world to the LYNC users)

The LANcable is connecting the telenet modem to the CISCO and from the CISCO 1 cable is going to the server. If people connect from external to the fixed ip (RDP) they connect to the 1.8 server. But it is all with NAT.

Maybe this is where it all goes wrong.

My question is, how can I make it work better using this setup ?

Is it maybe possible to connect the lancable coming from the tellenet modem to a hub/switch and from there one cable to the CISCO and one to the SERVER. And then another cable from the CISCO to the other LANport on the SERVER ? So that the LYNC / TS is directly connected to the internet ?

Or maybe connecting the EDGE directly to the internet ?
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I would like just to mention that Hyper-V role on SBS 2011 is not supported:
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Q. What are the licensing rights for the Windows Server in SBS 2011 Premium Add-on? Do you allow running instances in a virtual operating system environment?
 A. Yes. You may run one instance of the operating system in a physical or virtual machine operating system environment. If you run the instance in a virtual machine, you may run an additional instance of the operating system on a physical machine in order to run hardware virtualization software; provide hardware virtualization services; or run software to manage and service operating system environments on the licensed server.

But that is besides the question.
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It sounds like you need to add a layer-2 switch for your server and other devices to connect to.  The switch would then uplink to the Cisco ASA 5505.  The switch would pass all traffic it sees on the 192.168.1.* subnet.  The firewall would pass traffic based on its internal set of rules.
So, enabling the edge would not help?
And what should be connexted to the layer2switch? I only have two lan connection on my physical sbs. And how should it all be configured exactly??
Hi again,

For start let me say that I'm not an Lync expert. As I see your lync users have problems receiving external pstn calls after changing pstn gateway. I doubt that configuring edge server will help you with this problem. As I understand, the mediation server is responsible for pstn gateway connectivity. But I would firstly check your pstn gateway configuration. (Edge server is used for your lync users external access to lync services.)

Adding additional switch would make no difference.
You have two networks (192.168.1.x and 192.168.10.x) and a server with two network adapters. On hyper-v host you can configure two external virtual networks - one used for v-guests connecting to first (192.168.1.x) network over first network adapter, another used for v-guests connecting to second (192.168.10.x) network over second adapter.

ASA 5505 has 8 switch ports, so to connect different internal LANs on it you need to configure different VLANs on different ports (at least two of it) and connect port from first VLAN to first server NIC, and port at second VLAN to second server NIC.

Connecting one server port directly to modem will not help you as you have only one public IP address.

And at the end - your current configuration is not legally compliant with Ms Licensing Products Use Rights.

"If you run the maximum permitted number of instances (physical and virtual), the instance of the server software running in the physical OSE may be used only to:
¿      run hardware virtualization software
¿      provide hardware virtualization services
¿      run software to manage and service OSEs on the licensed server."
This means that on Hyper-V host you can only run what is listed here and no other services (like active directory, exchange server, file server,...).
The correct configuration on single HW server would be Hyper-V host installed on HW,
with 1st Hyper-V guest with SBS 2011 and 2nd Hyper-V guest RDS/LYNC on it.
You are short for one OS license (for EDGE server).
Plus, it is technically unsupported. (run BPA.)

so why would it work with one gateway and not with the other. The SIP provider says it is the same configuration on both their gateways , allthough I cannot understand it then if it would not work??
If the gateways are the only difference and with one is working, with the other is not, then there should be some difference between them...
It is hard to say what it is.
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