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asked on - HMACSHA256 Encrypt

I am trying to encode a string with a sha256 and a password but I cant seem to get it right.. this is what I get instead.

Value of type 'String' cannot be converted to '1-dimensional array of Byte'.      

    Function HMACSHA256_Encrypt(ByVal Txt As String) As String
        HMACSHA256_Encrypt = Nothing
            Dim secretkey As String = "password"
            Dim sha As New System.Security.Cryptography.HMACSHA256(secretkey)
            Dim ae As New ASCIIEncoding()
            Dim Hash() As Byte = sha.ComputeHash(ae.GetBytes(Txt))
            Dim sb As New StringBuilder(Hash.Length * 2)
            Dim ndx As Integer

            For ndx = 0 To Hash.Length - 1
                sb.Append(Right("0" & Hex(Hash(ndx)), 2))
            Return sb.ToString.ToLower
        Catch ex As Exception
            Debug.Print(Date.Now & " SHA256_Encrypt error " & ex.Message)
        End Try
    End Function

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see this

Public Shared Function HashString(ByVal StringToHash As String) As String
    Dim myEncoder As New System.Text.UTF32Encoding
    Dim Key() As Byte = Convert.FromBase64String(My.Settings.PortalHASH)
    Dim XML() As Byte = myEncoder.GetBytes(StringToHash)
    Dim myHMACSHA256 As New System.Security.Cryptography.HMACSHA256(Key)
    Dim HashCode As Byte() = myHMACSHA256.ComputeHash(XML)
    Return Convert.ToBase64String(HashCode)
End Function

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beautiful, thank you so much!