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The name could not be matched to a name in the address list exchange 2003

Hi All.

We have a client running SBS2003 with Exchange 2003.

We were asked to set-up a new user and email account on SBS - via the SBS wizard.

All seems fine and the account was created and we were able to log-on to the XP client - However when we launched Outlook 2003 it comes up with:

'The name could not be matched to a name in the address list'

We have run the error through Google and checked / applied most of the relevant solutions but to no avail.

Can anyone thow any light on this issue please?

Thank you
Andy Keen - Mersey-IT
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John Easton
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Did you create the user on the server, or did you create from a workstation using the Windows 2003 Admin Tools?

If it is the later and the Exchange System Manager is not also installed on the workstation it will create the user but not the Exchange Account.

In order to fix it you can log on to the server, right click the user and then somewhere is the option to add a Mailbox (from memory I think this comes under Exchange Features or something similar).
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Hi Thank you for your help.

This user - as always, was created with the SBS Add user wizard.

Thank you
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If you look at the user through ADUC on the SBS server, do they have an email address on the Email Addresses tab - that was automatically populated?
If not, then they have't been created correctly and are not mail enabled.

Hi Sembee2

Thank you - Yes they do have email addresses in the ADUC - email addresses.

What i have noticed is that if I log on to another XP machine with an exiting user (NEW user on that clinet) and lauch outlook - this user also recieves the same error.

This looks like a global Exchange issue.

Assuming you've not made any other changes to Exchange or SBS the first thing I would try is to restart the server (or if you can't do that at least restart the Exchange Services).
Thank you - I will do a services restart and also a server restart this evening.
I have restarted the SBS server and logged into a different client PC and I am getting the same error.

Any other ideas please?
Thank you
I go back to the original posting, I don't think the user has been mail enabled correctly.
Try creating another user using the SBS wizards and see if that works.
Does the user appear in the GAL if you view it via OWA.

Hi Simon

Thanks for your help. I did previously post that if I log into another xp machine as an existing user (ie not this new user - someone who already has an established mailbox) I get the same error when launch outlook.

So it's happening for existing user and new users.

Thank you
Run the SBS BPA against the system and see what that flags. It is a free download from Microsoft.

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There was no particular answer for this solution - as a matter of course we re-started the server and the problem went away - not sure why