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SBS 2008 Low Disk Space

I have a client that has sbs 2008 with a Raid 1 disk configuration and is partitioned as follows:

C: 60gb - Operating System & Applications
D: 170gb - Data Share

I am constantly running into issues where the c partition is extremely low on disk space and which is affecting workflow such as emails.

I have gone through the various guides on the net about cleaning up the various logs sbs keeps which helps for a while but then we run into exactly the same issue.

Now the server has an additional two bays for extra drives and i was wondering what would be the best method to stop this happening again.

I was thinking of creating a new raid 1 array and moving the data from the existing D partition to the new array but still with the drive letter D so that none of the current shares and mappings are affected.  This would leave me 170 GB to re assign to the c partition.

Is what I’m thinking the correct method to achieve the desired results or is there any other way. Also any tips on software that would be needed.

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yes that should work fine.  just MAKE SURE ARE BACKUP EVERYTHING!!!

my best advise in this regard is to get Acronis or something of this sort; which will allow you to take a full image of the machine; so in the event of loss; you woudl be back up
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Maybe you need to move databases or exchange logs from C: to some other partitions. Or do you have there only OS files?
Also you can reallocate space between C: and D: by taking some amount from D: and assigning it to C:
Paragon Partition Manager 12 Server will do this for you:
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Thanks for the tips Guys..

Think i am going to use the Ghost option.
Glad to help.