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Windows 7 - Boot failure


We are using Windows 7 - Home basic.
We have a RAID partition which is showing OK,however PC boots into system recovery - no operating system is listed or is visible in the repair console.
The machine was shut-down the last time it was used and the next morning when booting up - an error message appeared when the PC was booting.We expect that it is an update failure that has happened but no really sure. PLEASE HELP.
Choosing system restore fails which message error "choose operating system" ,command prompt i am able to do directory listing and the files are obviously there......What do i do??
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i suggest first to recover your data; this can help :

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What type of RAID? Mainboard built-in fake-RAID, or proper hardware RAID, or OS RAID, and what RAID type (1, 5 or something else)?

Are you booting from the array or or from a single disk (is the RAID just for the data)?

If it is RAID 1, have you tried disconnecting one of the disks and booting just with the other?
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It is a Raid 1

Yes we are booting from an array and have tried loading it on 1 drive but it still does not work.
If it is a fake RAID (or also a real RAID) controller, then you will need the controller's drivers (put them on a USB stick) so you can search from them when you try a startup repair of the OS when boot up from the Windows 7 installation DVD.

My advice though is to never use the RAID functions that those cheap fake-RAID controllers have, and if you are using a real RAID controller, you need at least enterprise class disks.

If you only have a fake-RAID controller or desktop disks, you need to use the RAID functionality of your OS. That is much more reliable and also faster, as that RAID is capable of reading data from both disks simultaneously, which the fake-RAID controllers can't.
Boot from windows 7 disc - provide the raid drivers - then go to winre mode- go to command prompt and then run this command

bootrec /rebuildbcd

We are using HP Proliant ML 110 G6 Server and it came with the operating system pre-installed and didn't come with an enterprise class disk or any system repair disk. How do i access this RAID functionality or what do i do?
You can use any windows 7 retail disc raid drivers from HP website and extract it on a usb drive...

Connect the usb drive (which has the raid drivers) ..boot from windows 7 disc ..go to repair my computer.. point to raid drivers ...then launch command prompt and run the bcd command.

bootrec /rebuildbcd

If it is a server then you are probably using enterprise class disks in it, and also a real RAID controller. But you still need the RAID driver to do a startup repair. Go to HP's site and download the Smart-Array driver for that server (if there is no driver available for Windows 7, get the one that was built for Windows 2008 r2 server, those drivers are the same as for Windows 7. Then boot to the Windows 7 DVD and select startup repair, then search for the driver from your USB stick so it can find the OS.
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I would firstly go into BIOS and check settings in there. Make sure that RAID is set.
Then reboot, press the relevant keys to go into RAID setup and check everything in there.

It maybe that the BIOS has reset and once these settings are put back, the server will boot as normal.

Since it is a server with a dedicated raid controller you should be able to access it by booting the system with the SmartStart DVD from HP that comes with the server. If you don't have it than you should look at HP's website to download an image and burn it on a blank DVD.
Mostly it should be a driver problem but usually for these type of hardware Server OS is more suitable. Is there any specific reason you need to run Windows 7 OS on a server Hardware ? Please keep in mind that Home versions of Windows OS are limited on some HW.
Once i have inserted the MikroTik Router Installation CD - what option should i select once it has booted on the disk??

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What does a router CD have to do with this Question? Are you sure you posted this comment in the right Question?
Curious to know how the router CD should work as well.
Please excuse above posts as my assistant is referring to the incorrect CD.
Thank you noxcho - the paragon worked exellectly!!
Glad to here I could help.
Take care