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htaccess rewrite URL


I have a URL that ends  -
resort.php?resort_id= 8

How can i change it to read -

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sivagnanam chandrakanth
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You can find your answer here:

The whole article is interestinbg about mod_rewrite and the fourth page tells about replaceing an id with a name. You have to write a txt file called let's say 'resortids.txt' where you list all possible ids of resorts

resort1             1 <br>
resort2             2 <br>
resortWakaWaka            18 <br>
resortHonolulu              35 <br>
...and so on

then write this in your .htaccess file

RewriteMap resorts txt:/path/to/file/resortids.txt    <br>  
 RewriteRule ^(.*)$ resort.php?resort_id=${resorts:$1|0}  

Hope this solves your problem

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Hi All

Im a little confused

am i correct in saying with this command:
RewriteRule ^resort-([0-9]+)\.php$ resort.php?resort_id=$1

it wont turn "resort.php?resort_id = 1" into

instead i need my url to start "resort-1.php" and that will then understand it as if it was "resort.php?resort_id = 1" ?
also the rewrite map causes a server error in htaccess and i dont think you can use that in an htaccess file?
RewriteMap can be used in htaccess. Probably there is some error in the path to the map file which causes a server error...
So do I actually have to change all my links now to how I want them to read? ie the htacess doesn't actually translate the url it just understands it?
Why are you saying that? What I mean is that maybe the server error is due to this line

RewriteMap resorts txt:/path/to/file/resortids.txt    <br>  

Maybe '/path/to/file/' contains something wrong: are you sure to have set the correct path to the map file?

Secondly, I understood you want the url displayed in the url bar of the browser were something like resort/name_of_resort, that is: your link is resort.php?resort_id= 8 and the server transform it to resort/name_of_resort. This is what I understood and this should be what you accomplish using map. But I might misunderstood your problem...
ok but forgetting Rewritema

Do i need to chanmge all my links on my website to be say:
<a href="/resort/1/">This is a resort</a>

instead of what it was originally:
<a href="resort.php?resort_id = 1">This is a resort</a>

It seems if i do this it works but i thought the htaccess would just transalet teh URL in the address bar automatically?
I thought that too: doesn't it do? Excuse me, but I'm not a ModRewrite guru (I'm not a guru at all): I tried to find a solution to your question because I remembered to having read something about, but I see the problem is far beyond my knowledge. Maybe hielo (mutch more skilled than me) can help you if you ask him to take a look to this question.

Good luck with your project