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Configure a router to "mimic" IP address on the LAN side (routing to an address on the WAN)

Hi Guys,

I am not an expert with routers, and will appreciate some advise, help setting up the following (routing, NAT) ?

I am using a Cisco RV042 router;

The router has a LAN IP range of 10.0.0.x and a WAN range of 192.168.2.x
The router's IP (gateway on the LAN) is

All workstations using as gateway can access the internet from the WAN.

In addition, I'd like the router to "imitate" IP address routing to on the WAN side.

In other words, we don't have a device on our LAN, but I'd like to 'create' a new device (IP) routing to an address on the WAN side.

Thus when a user on the LAN would for example ping "" they should get a reply from ""

Is this possible?
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Thanks for your help;
I am using a non-command based router with GUI (small business)
Thus, I don't think the router will be supporting the loopback NAT.

I tried the one-to-one NAT, but didn't work.  I guess this is from WAN to LAN.

At least now I know what it is called :-)