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access vba

I am trying to run some code that builds a select query. However once it has finished building the columns i am trying to use for the where clauses are not being displayed properly

here is my code

Dim length As Integer
Dim length2 As Integer
Dim labelname As String
Dim status As String

calculation = Screen.ActiveControl.NAME
length = Len(calculation) - 4
calculation = right(calculation, length)
length = (InStr(calculation, "_") - 1)
calculation = Left(calculation, length)

labelname = Screen.ActiveControl.NAME
length2 = (InStrRev(labelname, "_"))
length2 = Len(labelname) - length2
labelname = right(labelname, length2)
labelname = "label" & labelname
datecolumn = labelname & ".Column(0)"
status = labelname & ".Column(1)"

If Forms!frm_dashboard!cbo_ecomm.Value = -1 Then
    view1 = view1 & "_ecomm"
End If

Dim dashboardstr As String

If calculation = "1to7" Then
    dashboardstr = "select * from v_dashboard"
    dashboardstr = dashboardstr & " where getdate() - " & datecolumn & " <=7 and [internal status] = " & status & ""
End If

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I have a message box that displays dashboardstr and it shows the actual string for datecolumn and status rather than the column from the combo box.

What can i change to get it to select the actual values rather than use the string?
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brilliant, thanks for quick response.