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Route all traffic from one nic to another


how can i route all traffic from one nic on a server to another nic on the same server (both ways) ?

 Devices -> Nic -> Server 2008R2 -> nic > router and vice versa

2008R2 STD loaded.
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Windows serer can act as a router.  but there has to be a reason to move the traffic from one port to the other - meaning that if you have the nics on different subnets and specify the server addresses as the gateway on the clients on the respecitve subnets, then the server can be setup to route the traffic.
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ok cool. thanks for the answers.

this is for my home network.

i have the following

Router (
Server2008R2 (Nic 1 <> connecting to my media player <>) (Nic 2 <> connecting to my router)

how can i setup routing on Nic 1 so that my media player can see the internet through the server? so basically create a pass through from the media player to the router using my server ?

i needed to do this because my router doesnt support 1gb lan and i need 1gb to stream Bluray from the server with the media player.
first of all nic 1 and 2 must have IP on different subnets , read link that i post earlier

you have example there