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Share Powerfull Workstation


I have a powerfull workstation using Windows 7, Can I install some citrix product to share it and connect using thin client citrix like ICA?

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Citrix products like XenApp or xendesktop controller will install only on Windows server version, not client versions like Windows 7.

However windows products come with 2 RDP licenses for a max of two connections, as far as I can remember, if that would help.
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I'm looking to use citrix to have the better performance and lossless quality image into the remote session
Are you planning to test VDI software like VDI-in-a-box or XenDesktop?
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I don't know, Can I install this kind of software in a Windows 7 machine?
Not even VDI-in-a-box. You will only be able to install VDI-in-a-box on a hypervisor server - one of these:
1. XenServer
2. Hyper-V
3. ESXi

However, if your workstation is really very powerful and has enough resources then why not give up Win 7 and rather install on it a hypervisor then you can install the VDI-in-a-box appliance on top of it and benefit from the virtual desktops you can provide to all your users!

Here is a link if you want to learn more about vdi-in-a-box:

But of course to install a hypervisor on the workstation you will first need to check whether all the hardware on your workstation is compatible with the hypervisor you intend to install.
@Mutawadi - I was going to suggest a setup within VMware Workstation provided the workstation's hardware config was strong enough to have the entire setup.

@lnrivera - Please share the hardware config of the workstation. CPU-Z should be able to help you to ascertain this info.
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