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File Transfer

What's the easiest way to schedule a file transfer that's 1.3GB over night in Windows Server 2008?
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Use windows task manager to schedule a batch copy command
If windows 7 use task scheduler
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create batch file  and use xcopy or robocopy an schedule the batch file using Windows task scheduler

note that batch file need to be run in elevated mode otherwise it w may fail see this thread you can find the UAC related issues and solution here
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trgrassijr55 let me see a sample of the commad you will use to schedule the file transfer in teracopy.  Thanks!!
set source=C:\FileLocation
Set destination=D:\TransferLocation

xcopy %source% %destination%\filename.ext /s/e/d/c/i/y/k/h >C:\Backup\Logs\Transfer.Txt
 (you don't need all those switches but I usually just use them all)

or use
robocopy %source% %destination% filename.ext /W:1 /R:3 /ZB /LOG:C:\Backup\Logs\Transfer.Txt
Sorry for the delay

here is a sample of my batch file

rem @echo off

del c:\util\photo.log
del c:\util\photo.txt

cd\Program Files\TeraCopy

teracopy.exe copy o:\photos "d:\photo backup" /overwriteall /close >c:\util\photo.log

rem du get file folder totals
c:\util\pstools\du "d:\photo backup" >>c:\util\photo.log

rem converts photo.log from Unicode to ascii
type c:\util\photo.log >c:\util\photo.txt

c:\util\febooti\febootimail -from -to -msg "Photo Library Report" -subj "Backup Copy of Photo Library" -attach photo.txt -smtp