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Responsive Web Design and MVC4 Confusion?

yea, been searching the Internet for ASP.NET MVC4 Responsive Design ideas and now just confused. I've found two distinct methodologies:
1. Use the Global.asax to detect the browser client type
2. Use CSS to detect actual browser width.

I'm opting for #2 because It's cool to resize a browser by clicking it's corner and watching the screen change before my eyes.

I need an easy 1-2-3 example of how to:
1. detect the screen size
2. reference the correct _layout
3. layout hierarchy
    - _Layout.cshtml (full site)
    - _Layout.Phone or _Phone.Layout or mobile.Layout.Phone???

Help this poor old Web Forms programmer please...

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Nice link, I found that one too. Not much help unless someone explains the details to me.

Q. Is the following code placed in the Global.asax?

DisplayModeProvider.Instance.Modes.Insert(0, new DefaultDisplayMode("WP7") {    ContextCondition = ctx => ctx.GetOverriddenUserAgent().Contains("Windows Phone OS")});

Q. Can a CSS Media Query redirect to _Layout.Mobile.cshtml?

I like the idea of seperate _Layout's , just unsure how to detect browser resizing and _Layout redirection...

Help again...
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