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Block a share temporarly for some users for a short while

I need to prevent access to a share on a Windows 2008 R2 server for 1 day for most of my users, except 2 users. That server is a member server of a SBS2011 domain. We are doing an accounting data migration tomorrow and we need to make sure that no one is able to go into the accounting software on that share while the 2 users work on the data migration. Once the data migration is done, users need to have access again to the application and share.

What would be the best way to do this ?

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Can you not just change the security permissions on the share to not be accessible to the other domain users, and then only add the 2 relevant users to have access to it?

Simple to do, and easy to revert the changes back.
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Yes, that could be an option. After having changed the security permissions, is the access immediately blocked to all users that were already logged to that server ? Or do I have to logoff all users in order for the security change to take effect ?
Share permissions are presently set to "Contribute" for the "Domain Users" group. And the NTFS permissions in the shared folder are set to Read/Write for "Domain Users".

So if I was to use the Share permissions to control this, I could:
- remove "Domain Users" from the Share permissions
- add each specific user with Read/Write rights in the share permissions
Once the migration is complete:
- remove the specific users from the share permissions
- put back the Domain Users in the share permissions

All of this without needing to make any changes to the NTFS permissions ?

Do I need to logoff the users presently logged on to that server in order for the access to be blocked, or will they get blocked as soon as they try to access the share ?
Share permissions apply only if users are accessing shares over the network and users will have to close the existing session/open files to have it effective.
If users are logging in to the server and accessing the data then you will have to control it via ntfs permissions. They will need to relogin in this case.
I just did a test using share permissions and it works very well and quickly. Blocking is instantaneous right after I remove the user from the share permissions. No need to re-login the user.

pramod_ubhe: you seem to indicate that it is not supposed to be immediate ?
Yes it is immediate but users needs to close the window that was accessed before permission changes.
I see. Thanks very much. I will go with the share permission solution.