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1:1 NAT over BOVPN Tunnel on Watchguard Firewalls

I have two Watchguard XTM510 firewalls, one at each branch and I'm trying to setup a tunnel between the two sites so a server at site A can access a server at site B.

The destination server at site B has an IP address which is already in use at site A so I need to use a different address to access it and NAT it back to its real address within the tunnel.

I can get the tunnel working without the NAT enabled but when I enable the 1:1 NAT on the tunnel route at site B the tunnel then stops working, the firewall at site A is receiving an error saying "No Proposal Chosen" from site B's firewall.

Site A server:
Site B server:  (NAT address being used is

Any ideas please ?
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