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Restoring from Older Version of Backup Exec

I have upgraded my customer's server from SBS2003 to SBS2011.  The new server is running Backup Exec 2012 and am trying to restore some data from RDX media that was backed up using Backup Exec 11d.  I keep getting all sorts of errors when cataloging and opened a case with Symantec.  They keep telling me that I need to move out the bkf files one by one until the catalog finishes successfully.  This really doesn't make sense to me and need help from this community.  The RDX drive has 70GB of data and haven't been able to restore anything.

I have gone into the settings and unselected "Request all media in the sequence for catalog operations".  I have also copied all the bkf files to an internal disk but when I try to configure/import the folder I either get "the path entered is already a configured backup to disk storage location" or "the path entered does not contain an existing backup-to-disk folder".

Any ideas I can try that support has told me to try?  I have been working on this for 3 weeks with no luck.
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I know what you mean, a nightmare..
is it  possible to move the tape to a different machine and install backup exec 11d?

waiting for your reply.


1. did you install “Advanced Disk-based Backup" Option in backup exec 2012?

2. did you install the original drivers for the rdx or symantec drivers? if you used symantec   drivers try the same drivers you used in BE 11d or drivers from manufacture site.

3. did you try restoring to a network location as well?

hope this helps,

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I have the 11d on hand just in case I have to go that route but haven't gotten to that point yet.

1) No, I did not install advanced disk based backup
2) I old server has been decommissioned so not sure what drivers were installed.  The new server has the Microsoft drivers that were automatically installed.  Should I try the Dell drivers (Dell RD1000 Device) or Symantec drivers?
3) No, I haven't gotten that far yet.  Trying to catalog first but keeps failing.
1. please install it then, might solve your problem, restart backup exec services afterwards.

2. try both other drivers, you will have to reboot after every driver install (recommended)

3. how about VMWARE workstation with 2003 and BE 11d (as last resort)?
I installed Windows 2003 SBS and Backup Exec 10d.  when I perform an Inventory, I get the following error

0xe0008212 Library Error invalid element address

I found a KB on Symantec website but it has to do with SCSI drives, not the removable RDX drive.  I noticed that in Device Manager, the drivers installed are the standard Microsoft drivers.  Is there Symantec drivers for this drive?

I visited the Dell support site but don't find drivers for this device.  all I find is firmware and utility.

Is there Symantec drivers that you are aware of?
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So far BE is able to see the external drive and am able to inventory and catalog.  Now I am stuck on trying to restore.  Since I am trying to restore on a different server then the original server, I am getting the following message.  

e0008488 - Access Denied
e000fe29 - Authentication failed on connection to the server.  Make sure that the user account has the appropriate permissions and that the password was typed correctly.

do I need to enter the credentials of the originally backed up server?  If so, where do I enter that info?