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Cisco 2811

I have a Cisco 2811 that has two different types of interfaces.  A FastEthernet and a Serial.  Before the system went down, the fastethernet had an ip address of
The serial had an ip address of   I tried to "fix" our original issue using the setup command, and in doing so, I deleted out the settings for the Serial interface. Under the user interface, it now says unassigned.  By using setup, I can change the fastethernet settings but not the serial settings.  How can I edit the 2811 to show the FastEthernet to keep its IP settings and have the Serial regain its IP settings of
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When I typed in no shut it told me "incomplete command"

Any thoughts?
Attached is a screen shot if that makes it more helpful? I am looking to have serial0/0/0:0 display an ip address of
I put the no shut in the wrong place.  Sorry it should be after the int s0/1
I have a second question if you would be able to check it?  It involves the same set up