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can't access branch office domain

our head office and branch office using firewall SA-540 VPN connect togeter, head office ip is, branch office is, recently our head office firewall is defective, so I replace a new one. but before we replace the new one,  head office user pc (XP pro) can access branch office's domain (SERVER 2003), but after replace, only head office's server can access  branch office domain, all user pc can't access,  when type in "\\", pc will pop up msg said "no network provider accepted the given network path", but our terminal server and file server can open without any issue.

any idea for that?
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Is the configuration on the new firewall the same?  It sounds like you've narrowed down the possibilities to the firewall itself.  See if there's a line that's configured to allow certain IP or MAC addresses access (ie, your terminal server / file server) and implicitly deny access from your clients.
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the suggestion not helping me