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watchguard firewall passing traffic from VPN


I have two peplink devices, one at our main office and one at a remote office.  I have connected them via the bonded vpn solution that it has and the connection has established successfully.  I now want the pc's at the remote site to access virtual machines in my main office network.  The remote network cannot see the internal network here as I am guessing that it cannot see behind the watchgurad firewall that we have sitting behind the Peplink.  The watchguard is configured in drop in mode and so shouldnt be nat'ing the traffic so am I am guessing that it isnt that, that is casuing the traffic not to be seen, any ideas what else i could do to route the traffic through the firewall to our internal network from the local peplink device?  I know the connection is dropping at the firewall as I have performed a tracert from the external network to this one.
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