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Puzzled - company website in accessible from the company

Hello,  I am hoping that someone may be able to help me.  I have a customer - that has a Netgear FVG318 Pro VPN/Firewall at their company.  Up until Monday they did not have any issues getting to their own website or getting their email also using the same web address on the servers.   Monday they couldn't get to their site, Tuesday they stopped getting mail.  

When they are anywhere outside of their own network - they can access all of that.  I have checked the router for the possibility of the router blocking it.  I am not finding any such information.  I have actually even allowed web content (was disabled before today) and manually put in the URL and the IP to the URL in the allowed sections of the router.   They use Trend Micro Worry Free Business on their server and client stations with the firewall disabled.  Windows Firewall at the server is also disabled.  

I changed the DNS across the board to the global DNS of to see it that would make a difference (because we cannot ping the IP number either from the network of this company).   We have shut down the server, router and cable modem and waited 2 minutes and brought it all back on again.  I have exhaused all the possibilities that I know could be causing this other than replacing the router.  ALL other websites and mail such as yahoo, gmail etc. have no issues.  

I am hoping someone can help me.  They have been without their mail for most of the week now and are getting  frustrated.    

Thank you in advance - Laurie
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are your internal and external domain names the same?  if so you need an A record.
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No their internal domain name is domain.local and external is something different.  Do I need to put the A record in the DNS server forward look up zone?  Internal domain is a 192.168.xx.xx and the website/webmail is 174.37.xx.xx
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It will be easier to troubleshoot if we know how their mail is configured and accessed?
Is it hosting internally or externally?

If externally, then there is definitely an issue with the router config, since they can access email when outside of their own network.
I don't handle their mail server or their website.  A different company does that.   This came out of no where.  They have been live with their website and mail since the beginning of 2012.  We have not changed anything to cause this.  I handle their network - not any of the mail or website tasks.

Monday they were unable to get to their own website (externally located somewhere else, not in house.  Their mail is not in house either.
Can they access any other sites? or is it just their own web site and email?
If they can access other sites then I'd suggest contacting the web and email hosts.

It could be that their IP was blocked by the web and email hosts?

We had a incident yesterday with somebody sticking a USB device into their machines which had a Trojan; listed as Generic.mfr!bs
Next thing we knew, Google had blocked out IP...couldn't view any of their sites.

If it was the router then I'd assume everything else would be blocked too.
Are there any logs on the router that you could check?
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The problem was solved by removing all possiblities right down to the ISP modem.  When connected directly to that with all other machines/devices turned off and I was still unable to visit the site in question, I contacted the ISP.  They reset their modem and uploaded a new config file - and the problem was solved.  I chose my own answer to close the question and because though the other answers were helpful, they were not the solution.