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Excel PivotTable Field Name customization

I have a pivot table that gets used very frequently from a common cache (range name).  We have 3 different scenarios where we need to pull fields in an out of the value grid (NOTE:  these are NOT column fields - they are value fields) and we have to rename them each time.  I have already discovered that

ActiveSheet.PivotTables("Cap_reports").PivotFields("Sum of Jan Cap").Caption = _
works - IF that value is in the grid at the time.  If Sum of Jan Cap is not chosen, I get an object error.

I have 24 possibilities of value field renaming (changing Sum of Jan Cap to Jan, same with Jan Exp, etc) that I am willing to use if statements to execute, but I don't know how to say "if Sum of Jan Cap" exists in the grid, then execute ActiveSheet.PivotTables("Cap_reports").PivotFields("Sum of Jan Cap").Caption = _
I plan to attach the code to a button.

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I couldn't follow this.  Is it possible for you to upload a sample spreadsheet with some data?
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Simple and effective.  Thank you!