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Need a LINQ query inside a LINQ query

I have a list of MasterSet objects:

Each MasterSet contains a list of ReferenceSet objects.

Each ReferenceSet has a TypeID of type long

A MasterSet's list of ReferenceSet objects always contains one and only one ReferenceSet object with a TypeID of 82, as well as other ReferenceSet objects with TypeID's != 82.

How do I query the list of MasterSet objects to return the list of ReferenceSet objects with TypeID's == 82 ??

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Is this a LINQ-to-SQL or Entity Framework query, or is this LINQ-to-Objects (e.g. List<MasterSet>)?
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L2E  and I prefer the fluent LINQ queries, an can not even really read the other style which looks more like a SQL command.
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This looks great.  I will accept your answer and post a new one if I have any problems using it.