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Exchange Online and UPN's-have questions regarding impact to AD users

Hi Experts:

Our organization is going to exchange online (staged migration). We did many of the preliminary steps over the summer on our Exchange 2007 server (SP's, public certificates, ADFS, ADFS proxy, autodiscover, outlook anywhere etc) then the project was put on hold. We now anticipate it will be approved shortly. We are at the point where we are ready to sign up for the trial with the exception of one item, UPN's

Here is my question: our domain name is: abc.local, we also have a child domain Both domains are in the same exchange organizaiton and our public email address is (abc and public are not the same name). I believe that we need to go to AD domains and trusts and go into properties and add as the UPN name in order for Exchange Online to work. Is this correct?

Do I need to do this on just the parent domain?

What is the immediate impact to the end users in both the parent and child domains?

ie: Will they need to logon to their local PC's differently, Will they need to log into their local outlook accounts differently? Will this affect how they log onto OWA or their smartphones?

Could someone please provide some guidance and education? Thanks.
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