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is it possible to open another screen inside a <td> ?

Hello guys

I have a table with many rows, I have a colum that if I click on it, it calls a function in java and open another window. I'd like to open this window in my TD unless to call another window, it is possible?

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Paul MacDonald
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Not in the sense I think you're thinking of.  That is, you can't open a new browser window and constrain it to your <TD>.  

You might be able to set up a frame of some sort and load new content into that.
You could create an iFrame and load a new URL into that, or you could load content into any element, including a TD using an AJAX call to another page - it would depend on exactly what you're after as the whether either of these options are suitable.
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thanks very much
I'm fairly sure that's what I suggested.

The answer you've accepted is terrible code and doesn't even mention jQuery. Good luck with it!
I'd like to open this window in my TD unless to call another window, it is possible?

 <td  width="600" height="300">
  <iframe src="" width="600" height="300">
   <p><a href="">Expert exchange</a>Expert exchange</p>

Open in new window

I'm sorry i hurt your pride ChrisStanyon (Guru jQuery and Wizard HTML)
, but the argument is TD as cell of HTML table not jQuery.

What is terrible now?

My initial comment:

You could create an iFrame and load a new URL into that
The zone of this question: jQuery

Your Code: DOCTYPE of FRAMESET! Deprecated attributes! malformed meta tags!

Trust me. It's not my pride that's hurt - it's my eyes. If we are going to show people a solution to their problem, then it's nice when we do it right!
Have you seen this?


7.2 point n°3.

Let's stop here.
Let's not! Point No 3:

The HTML 4.01 Frameset DTD includes everything in the transitional DTD plus frames as well.
You are not using Frames, so why use a Frameset DOCTYPE?

And while we're throwing the W3C around:
This DTD is identical to the HTML 4.01 Transitional DTD except for the content model of the "HTML" element: in frameset documents, the "FRAMESET" element replaces the "BODY" element.
Chri, isn't deprecated like you said.
Be careful when you attack someone without having the right answers.
Doesn't help anyone.

Removing DOCTYPE line is recommended because unnecessary, the result does not change the goodness of the answer.

The DOCTYPE line is just a typo from my old example.
I'm sorry for "terrible" mistake.

@BottalicoM - It wasn't my intention to attack anyone - I simply pointed out the flaws in your code which most people appreciate. I'd certainly appreciate someone telling me if my code was wrong - that's how we learn. If you don't appreciate the sentiment then I apologise.

As for deprecated attributes - The height and width attributes of a TD tag are deprecated and a TABLE doesn't even have a height attribute! You seem to enjoy reading the W3C spec, so I'm sure you can confirm this for yourself.

Yes. A wrong DOCTYPE does effect the quality of the answer, because it's fundamental to the rendering of a document.

I didn't say you'd made a terrible mistake - I said the code was terrible, but don't worry - you're in good company - there's plenty of 'professional' web designers out there that are clearly happy producing this quality of code.

I'm certain I have the right answers - and as it's happens, when mistakes are made and they're pointed out - it actually does help people.

We're going nowhere fast on this one. The answer was accepted by hidrau, the question is closed, and you will code your way and I'll code mine.

Chris, i do not dispute that you are more as good as wed designer (I'm just a Java programmer).

In this context, a quick response was to show how it was used and not optimize an iframe html code by removing deprecated attributes or different headers.

Compared to the your reply i was more accurate, hitting the goal of showing that you can display a web page in a table cell with a practical example.

Probably the author will examine only the section <td> <iframe ...> </ iframe> </ td> ignoring everything else and is probably already aware that exist deprecated attributes.