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HP Workstation xw4200 will not power up

Hello - I have an HP Workstation xw4200  that will not power up. When I press the power button the green power light comes on but when I releast the button it goes right off.  I do not hear anything turn on when I press the power button.  I do see a greeen light on the system board when the power cord is plugged in.  I sent the workstation to a repair shop and I am being told that "it may be" the system board. When I asked how they arrived at this conclusion they told me that they must first replace the board to further diagnose the issue and that if its not the board I will be charged a restocking fee.  This just does not sound right to me - - sounds like a shotgun method as opposed to a professional diagnosis. The way I look at it, this could be a power supply, the power switch (harness) or system board.  I really don't what to go chasing parts - hopefully there is an HP repair guru out that that can provide me with a specific diagnostic path

regards - Kerry
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Did the repair shop offer to test the power supply?  Reputable repair shops have a power supply tester and could determine if that was an issue pretty quickly.
Anothe thing to look for are bulged capacitors on the system board.  They can be replaced and cause the effects you are noticing.

PS that would also be a pretty old workstation i would think, and probably doesn't owe you anything.
For some reason the first topic listed for this question is Outlook Groupware... You may want to change that to Hardware Components.

I agree that it sounds as though you're being asked to pay for wrong diagnoses by the repair shop, so I'd have the computer back before they think of other spurious things to charge you for.

It does sound as though the PSU has gone bad.  To check this, obtain a PSU tester; they aren't expensive, and generally give a Yes (all green LEDs) or a No (red and/or yellow LEDs) answer to the question.
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No they did not offer to test the power supply
Get the computer back even more quickly...
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