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I just downloaded this program and created a new file.  My Q is how do I add more pages as I was copying and pasting graphics on to the firstg page and it is already filled up.  Thank u.
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Graphics Programs do not work the same as Word Processing programs. With a Graphics Program you are always working on one "page," but it's not considered a page. It's always referred to as the "Image." If you require more room then you may need to increase the image size or open a new image.

I going to assume you want to create an image that will print out the size of a standard piece of printer paper. Then you need to change the image's size to 8.5 inches height and 11 inches width. (* If you do not want to set to printer paper page size, ie image is meant for the web, then save image and open a new image, those instructions can be reaped from below)  

Image > Resize > Set to pixel/inch then in print size set Width 11 inches Height 8.5 images.

To create a second page of images what I would recommend is to now save this image file.

File > Save as > then choose where to save and file name.

Now create a new image file.

File > New > Again, set to pixel/inch then in print size set Width 11 inches Height 8.5 images.

You need to repeat this process for any additional pages (Images).
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True. My error.
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well done, and thank u.
Glad to be of assistance!