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DFS Share unavailable to one site, but not others

Windows 2008R2
Mixed Windows XP/7 users

I have a DFS share lets call it


it is located on a domain based dfs root located here


I have three sites, site01, site02, site03

Site01 is the active directory domain controller
Site02 and Site03 have RODCs configured

this DFS share is located on a server in site01.

users at site01and site02 can correctly browse to \\\share01
users at site03 cannot correctly browse to \\\share01

it throws the error:

"Windows cannot access \\\share01

Check the spelling of the name.  Otherwise, there might be a problem with your network.  To try to identify and resolve network problems, click Diagnose."

all users at all sites can correctly browse to \\fileserver\share01
all users at all sites can correctly browse to \\\

Is there something I am missing or need to configure either on the dfs share itself or at site03 RODC?
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Have you added it as a member of Namespace Server  tab?
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Namespace Server Tab on "fileserver" contains the following entry:

Referral Status: Enabled
Site: MySiteName
Path: \\fileserver\share01

is that what you're referring to?
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Good find. Glad you found it
figured it out myself through some more troubleshooting at the client side