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Dropbox linking to audio files doesn't play in browser anymore

I used to be able to get a link to an audio file from my Dropbox account, and that link would play the audio directly in the browser.
Now when I grab the link, it prompts for a download, which is not desirable for my purposes.

Is the previous function still available? Does it need a plug-in or an app?
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This is a function of your browser and whether or not it supports that audio file type.

Did any of the following happen:
- Your browser version was upgraded?
- You are using a different web browser?
- The audio files are a different format?

What web browser are you using?
What is the version?
What is the format of the audio file? (mp3? aac? wav?)
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The way I discovered the problem is that I opened a new account for work when I was previously using a personal account I'd had. This other personal account still accomplishes producing the correct link. All of the conditions you listed are the same between the two accounts.

- I am using Chrome, but this is for something that would be published, so ideally I need it to work in any browser (or at least the most popular ones).
- Version 23.0.1271.64 m (says "up to date")
- The audio file is mp3.
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I have new info to comment on the question in order to find a solution, please do not close.

I tried both accounts on the same computer, then on a different computer. The problem seems to be that an old account is able to produce the correct kind of link, the new account produces the wrong one.
So on the SAME computer, you log into both Dropbox accounts, and only one of the accounts plays the audio? and the other one prompts you to download the file?
Correct. My apologies for not clarifying that was how we discovered this problem.
Maybe Dropbox removed this feature onnew accounts created after a certain date, or on new audio files uplaoded after a certain date?

Are you uploading the exact same file to both Dropbox accounts, then trying to access it from the same computer?

I don't 100% understand why you are trying to stream your music through the Dropbox web interface but maybe DropTunes will help you?
I have new information on this question.

Previously, the "Get Link" option would create a link with the prefix "", where the audio plays in the browser.

My original problem was that in a new account, getting the link now produces links with the prefix "", where the link prompts a download.

Changing the new prefix to the old prefix once you grab the link fixed my problem to play audio within the browser, no download required.