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Outlook Files

I saved numerous .pst files from the many years that I worked. Now when I try to open them, I get a message that I do not have the permissions necessary to view the files. Also, I have backup (.bak) files that I can't open as well. What do I need to do to view these files?
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A few more things:

1. Make sure the user you are logged in as (that is, on your computer), is a member of the Administrators group

2. If the pst files are buried deep within some hidden directory (which is where Outlook likes to keep your PST files), try moving them into your My Documents folder.

3. Make sure the pst files are not in the root of your C drive because by default, files and folders in C are protected. Best to put them in your Documents folder or make a new folder that you have explicit full control over.

4. Is this a work computer? Your Administrator might have a GPO which prevents you from opening PST files (if you are connected to an Exchange server)
Knowing EXACT error messages help - posting a screen shot can even trigger memories of what we did when we had "that problem".

You don't say where you stored them.  I assume you copied them to CD/DVD.  And you don't say if you copied them back from said CD/DVD.  But if you did, the files are read only.  So change the attribute (properties of the file) and make sure files are NOT read-only.  Then try to open them.

Of course, I hate making assumptions...
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