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Inspiron M5010 7 Beeps

Laptop worked fine last night - (didn't shut down - just closed the lid and went to bed).  Got up this morning and opened the lid and all it wants to do is beep 7 times.  Did a lot of reading online today and replaced the coin cell battery with a fresh one - all back together and same thing.  Screen is just black, power light comes on, you can hear cd drive moving and after about 13 seconds of initial power up - just 7 beeps.  Laptop is an Dell Inspiron M5010 64bit, Windows 7.  What can I do to resolve this in least expensive to most expensive?
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Mike Kristensen

Try to "replace the ram"..... Clean them...

It could be because the system "needs" ram or harddisk.... Cause you havent removed it, it might be because of a loose connection.
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Per the instructions from Dells service manual to remove the coin battery you have to remove the ram, hard disk, wireless card, bluetooth, optical drive, keyboard - everything - which I did.  Still same thing.
Well the only hardware that could make the computer NOT start at all, is the CPU.... So its propperly a CPU failure....

I would call your country Dell company and tell them about code 7 beep on a Dell Inspiron M5010.

I believe its a CPU failure. No other hardware makes the computer NOT start.
Actually according to this page i just found:

Then yes, it is your CPU. you neda get it replaced.
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you can remove it for a test
be sure to re-apply some heatpaste - a tiny drop
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you mean just remove the cpu and then reset it?
remove  -inspect the socket and pins  -- then reinstall it
can be a bad contact
you loose nothing by trying just a bit of time
I had the same laptop with the exact same fault and also a Dell Inspiron M5030, turned out to be a motherboard fault (this is a common fault on the AMD based machines). Refurbished motherboards on ebay will cost between £100 - £ 150 and then you will need to fit it. Personally I would remove the hard drive and sell the computer.
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We are going to try pulling the processor this weekend and resetting it.  If that doesn't work remove the hard drive and purchase a new one.
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