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Radius solution


I am looking for a Radius solution for our network with below information:
- Using certificate to authenticate employee's workstations: Only PCs with legal imported certificate are allowed to access production network.
- Using portal to authenticate visitor's laptops: Visitors will have to register beforehand. When they arrive and connect network, they will be redirected to a portal which requires username and password to gain network access.
- Dynamic VLANs assignment and MAC authentication bypass.

Check Certificate:
- Yes --> Access granted VLANs employee
- No  --> Drop into portal, input Username & Password
                    + Valid   --> Access granted VLAN visitor
                    + Invalid --> Drop into isolated VLAN

I greatly appreciate your suggestions, thanks!
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What does your environment consist of.
Your workstations seem to be dealing with 802.1X certificate authentication.

What switch infrastructure do you have?
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Freeradius can do the job, you need to configure it, and the switches.
For 802.1x to work, the Certificates issuing and integrated.

The guest VLAN is not a complicated matter, i.e. all traffic will be routed to an internal proxy specifically setup for this, it will direct the user to a login page.  when logged in, the proxy is then updated that this user can access external resources for a period of time.