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Excel Macro button to round a cell to the nearest 100?

Hi everyone:

Is there a way to write a macro such that it will replace the active cell with its nearest 100 --- the active cell can be either a formula or an actual value. Suppose the current cell is =A1+B1, then I wish to replace it with =round((A1+B1), -2). If the current value is 190192, then it will be replaced with 190200. The challenge is that there are many many cells that I need to convert, and I was wondering if I can create a button, and assign a macro to it, so that the macro can do this automatically.

I'm not familiar with VBA, but I suppose it'd be something like this (should be pretty straightforward in other languages but I have no clue about VBA)

(1) get active cell value or formula, store it to a temporary variable;
(2) update the formula or the value using the round() function;
(3) add the new formula or value back to the active cell, replacing the current formula or value.

Can someone help me with this? I'd really appreciate it... Thanks
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Saqib Husain
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Awesome! Thanks a lot! I really appreciate your help.