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window boot continuously


my window boot continuously.

i cannot see the win logo appear. It means before window logo it reboot again.

i  try to repair using cd.. and it doesnt work.

any other advise?

THank you.

is it my win xp boot corrupted?
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Kent Dyer
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Can you boot into safe mode?

If so..  Boot into safe mode and then chkdsk /f which will require a restart..

Check for things that are in startup..  autoruns from sysInternals does a great job of showing what is in the various startup locations.

Download Super Anti Spyware Portable and you should be able to run that in Safe Mode too.


I would suggest you to try UBCD or UBCDfor Windows and run Memory Diagnostics and HDD diagnostics (vendor specific) and try to figure out which of the Hardware is failing.

use the minimum setup as described in my guide :                  (Short-overview-of-how-to-troubleshoot-bad-hardware-when-a-pc-does-not-post)

in case the disk shows problems  with the diag, here is how to handle that :
Also check the temperature in BIOS, it could be over heating. Apply thermal paste on the heat sink.
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kdyer - i cannot boot in safe mode

SSharma -  i dont think is hardware failing because i try to reinstall a new version of winxp in          different drive and it works.

nobus n Santasi24 - i dont think is hardware problem. This problem happen after i change a new battery on motherboard and set the time in bios.

I think is boot loader corrupt in winxp. i try to repair it in repair console but it ask for administrator password. I don't have the administrator password. Is there anyway that i can get the password??

Thank you.
normally, if no password was set, you justy hit Enter
No! password was set..

Any advise beside that reformat everything?
if the password was set, you can try the nordahl password rest ttool
find it on UBCD :                              ultimate boot cd                        direct link UBCD
can i use above tool before loading to win xp? and is it free?
thank you nobus.. any documentation on how to use the tools..?? thank you.
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