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winxp keeps rebooting

I have winxp that keep rebooting, I tried to repair it with xp CD, but I think I don't have the same cd version of xp, that's why it doesn't prompt me for repair menu. Any idean how can I fix this PC

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Just a couple of questions.

What version of XP was/is installed?
What version of XP do you have a CD for?
Do you have the Product Key for the CD you have?
Do you have any Product Keys for XP?

When your PC reboots does it do this during start up, when the OS (XP) has installed, whilst you are working?

Are you sure it is the operating sytem that is causing this to happen and not the hardware the OS is installed on?
It could be something more simple like the CPU fan has failed and when the chip gets hot then the system reboots/shutsdown.
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Boot the PC with the PartedMagic LiveCD, mount your Windows partition and look for *.dmo files (usually in C:\Windows\Minidump), attach the last 3 of those files with your next comment.

On that CD you'll also find memtest86+ (in the extras section of the boot menu), so you might as well run 3 passes of that tool (if errors appear before that you won't need to wait for the rest of the test to finish, as then you'll know you have a problem with at least one of your memory modules, or the slots in which those modules are):
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I put the harddisk on another PC and it still does the same thing. The version is winxp sp2 and it was installed before I was hired. I don't have any product key.

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>>  I put the harddisk on another PC and it still does the same thing.   <<  don't do that, unless it is the same hardware...

are you sure it is an OS problem?  maybe the disk is dying; so is suggest to run a Disk Diag on it; download UBCD and run the diag for your disk brand (hdd section) :                              ultimate boot cd                        direct link UBCD

here is how to run the repair :            Repair install  XP
omar, can you please post the solution?