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SONY PCG-7112L Driver suggestion

Hello everyone,

I have a SONY laptop model: PCG-7112L which i changed the battery two times already, and the reason i did that is because the older battery was not charging, then i decided to buy a new battery but is having the same issue. could it be that it needs a BIOS update? could it be the utility software that comes with all SONY Vaio laptops that need installed? this utility is also responssible for making the function key work [FN] Which is also not working on this laptop, will be nice if some one could give me the drivers site where i could get the BIOS update if that would be the case, i don't know, Any suggestion will be very appreciate, thanks in advance.
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check first if the dc jack is not  loose - resoldering it will cure it
here an example :
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Hi Rindi, Nobus,

Rindi, maybe you right, or maybe not, i don't know, as for Nobus, the power jack is perfect,
no cracks no nothing. When the charger is pluged to the laptop you can see the charger icon alone with an X next to it, meaning that it is not chargin, sometimes when you see this issue and you place the mouse over that icon it tells you that the battery is not charging and need to be replace, thats the case with this one now.
If the jack weren't soldered on properly, you wouldn't get power to to the laptop at all.
Sure, of course not, the problem here is something else.
As I said, it is a hardware problem, most likely an issue with the mainboard. Maybe also with a daugterboard of the mainboard. But either will probably be too expensive to replace, provided your warranty has run out. If not your course of action is to make use of the warranty.
Nope, there is no warranty on it any more, the place where i got the battery from
suggested me to check very well the BIOS setup or either update the BIOS as well.
only thing you can do is inspect the motherboard (follow the charging traces - if possible - maybe a burnt chip ?
Batteries charge best and fastest with the PC turned off, and when a PC is turned off the BIOS doesn't do anything... So if the battery won't charge with the PC off (but connected to the mains), it can't be a BIOS problem.
Good point, but i had seem this before on Dell laptops for example,
and after updating the bios everything was fine, don't know too deep
but i seem it before, actually i done it before.
pc turned off in the bios ?  never heard that before
can you explain it a bit to my old head, Rindi ? or post a link
but maybe you mean turned off during Bios flash ?
You must have misunderstood me, nobus. I'm not saying anything about flashing the BIOS. What I meant is that laptops batteries should charge while the PC is turned off, and while the PC is off so is the BIOS, so the BIOS can't have any influence on the battery not charging.
Try checking the connections for the battery.  Make sure they aren't oxidized, bent or in some other way not making proper contact with the battery.

If this isn't the problem I agree with rindi, it's a mainboard issue.
sorry rindi - i completely misunderstood, tx for clearing that up.
Hello guys, is been a while since I didn't came back to this question, and the reality is,
That I and up giving up, yeah, after trying and testing three new batteries and not getting a
solution I decide that there was nothing else to do, is in this kind of situation that I do not
know what to do with question that have no solution... I meant, close them, delete them,
Cancel them, don't know as question like this have no solution for me, but thank you guys.
well if the hardware is bad, no software can help, as already hinted in the 1st post
clos, or delete the Q as you like
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

There was nothing the expert could do on this question, there was no solution at the end,<br />so the only thing I could think of, is delete the question, thanks.
If the hardware is bad it needs to be replaced, and that is what we suggested. So the Question was correctly answered.
Hello Rindi, thank you for your cooperation in this question, but to be honest...
When you ask for something is to see if you can resolve the problem, not to be stock on it,
Like in this case I end up not been able to do a thing. so in this case I would not call that an
answered, or a solution. but thank you so much for your help.
The solution is to replace the hardware. No software tweaks or drivers or BIOS upgrade will make faulty hardware suddenly work.
We are talking about changing the motherboard to a six years old laptop,
And for your information, in these days changing the motherboard to a laptop
like the one I've been trying to get around is not worth it. so understand that.
That's what I mentioned earlier, that it probably would be far too expensive to change. But it would still be the only solution to your problem.
in an problem like this the answer is = bad hardware
replacing it is the only valid solution
if it costs too much, that is another question
please note  that "you can't do that " is a valid response in many cases
Lately I have not felt welcomed here,
Why force someone to accept something that is not a solution?
You've done it several times, and all I've done is duck down!
In some of my questions some experts said that there was no solution to my questions,
then later I found the solution, and regarding the issue with that laptop, believe it or not
But I got the feeling that the problem is not on the board, and I will find out what the
problem is.
i would like to see what solution you find then; very curious
Believe it or not, but in the past when I was a member of EE,
there were many questions I asked, which no expert gave me the solution,
and days later I end up finding a solution myself, but never gave out the solution here.
i don't doubt your word - but that's exactly why we encourage people to post the solution they find themselves, so we - and everybody else -  can profit from it, and learn
If keeping a solution to yourself is how you do things then that is your decision and no doubt why you don't feel welcome here.

This is a place to Exchange knowledge not horde it.
I agree with your post ScottCha, also Nobus last post...
I am in the road right now, I'll get back to this question later.
Thanks for your understanding if you did.