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Access 2010: Calendar or Date-Picker Assistance

I'm not getting it.  I have searched the Experts Exchange database and have not found a solution, but have tried a couple with no joy - I think the solutions were not for Version 2010, and I don't want to use applications outside of Access - if I can help it.

I'd like to use the Date-Picker that is supposed to be a feature of Access 2010, but I'm not seeing it, please help!  I'll be glad to change and conform as necessary to get a calendar or date-picker, to help ensure the right date is entered; in the right format.

I am updating my Access 2007 to 2010.  The 2010 version has an empty text box where my calendar was in 2007.  As I read the online Help for Access, "The calendar button automatically appears to the right of the date. Want to know the date for this coming Friday? Click the button and the calendar automatically appears to let you find and choose the date. You can opt to turn off the calendar for a field or a control by using a property."

No matter how I changed and rebuilt my form, I could not get any calendar button to "automatically appear to the right of the date."

I would also like the date-picker to open to the current date IF the associated date-field is BLANK, otherwise the date-picker would open to the date in the field.
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I wonder what my problem is?  I downloaded the sample database, Desktop Call tracker11, and the date picker works fine in that db.  I'm going to compare all of the Access Options, between the two databases and see what I find.  THANKS!
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Turns out there was some trash in the properties of the date field, that came over from the Access 2007 version.  Specifically, There was a Data Properities "Input Mask" for Medium Date.  That item was suppressing the Date-Picker.  Once removed, the Date-Picker now works great.  I appreciate your certainty that the Date-Picker should be working, that made me focus on my database and end up comparing with the Access sample database that worked.  I sincerely appreciate your response = 50% solution.
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Did not see where to provide 50% solution, so you get 100%.  I'm OK with that!  Thanks again!!

You cannot really assign one expert a 50% solution.
You can however spit the points between yourself and the Expert.
(If you solved part of the problem yourself.)

You can also also assign one expert  all the points but assign a grade that you feel is commensurate with what you feel the solution was worth.

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