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Can Windows 8 Surface Tablets Run SQL Server

Our company might be purchasing some Windows 8 Surface tablets over the next few months. Not sure whether our department will actually get any, but was just wondering whether you would be able to install SQL Server (either SQL Server 2008 or SQL Server 2012)on a Windows 8 Surface tablet ?
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If it uses an ARM processor (and as far as I know those use ARM processors), then no, you can only install Windows 8 typical "Apps", and not any other standard software which would run on intel x86 or AMD x64 type processors.
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Thanks - hadn't realised the distinction between the RT and Pro versions of Windows 8. Just found some specs on MS site for these Surface tablets and saw that the Windows 8 Pro spec marks the CPU as "3rd Gen Intel Core i5 Processor with Intel HD Graphivs 4000", so that suggests that SQL Server could be installed on the Pro version as you say.

So thanks for this.
Ray - The distinction between Pro and RT is valid, but I'm curious about your use case?  I'd be very cautious about putting anything sensitive on a high portability/desirability appliance like the Surface.

The RT does support remote desktop with keyboard/mouse support.  This might be a better strategy if the DB you plan to work with is business critical or data is sensitive.

Althought the Pro technically will be able to run virtually any Windows software, I'm mildly skeptical about performance running high demand software like SQL.

(Not posting for points, just out of interest in the platform)
Mark - valid points, but we don't have any specific plans to use SQL Server on these devices, my post was just out of curiosity in case the business ever requests it ....
Thanks - I'm keenly interested in this platform and will be watching to see how this form factor plays out in the enterprise.