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Autogenerate Initials in MS word

Little background:
I'am using SuperOffice to write contract documents and such in Microsoft Word Then store it back to SuperOffice. When I generate a word document, SuperOffice can auto fill fixed field names into the word document. So I don't need to write customer names, addresses etc.

In my contract document the company name is used many times, and in my case first the whole company name and then just the initials. Is it possible to make MS word auto generate the company names initials?
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It isn't clear exactly what you need.

You could use VBA to get the first letter of each word in any piece of text.

If you want to help a document author to place a frequently used piece of text, you could use AutoText (part of Building blocks from Word 2007 and onwards), though for a few letters such as initials, it would hardly be worth it.
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Do you want to retroactively ensure that the company name appears just as the initals after the first instance is written out in full?

This is a fairly common requirement in style guides. Some things to consider from my experience in managing this:

Should the 1st instance always include the abbreviation? (i.e. "according to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), the salmon...", and then later, "but the DFO assessment...")
Does the rule apply on a per-chapter basis or for the full document? (i.e. if you automate it, you may need to have it run section by section)
Does the document need an acronym list built from use of the rule?

Ad hoc application of the rule can be done manually with Find and Replace (Find the full name and click Replace with the intials after the first found instance). However, consider automating it with VBA if it is a common requirement.
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Due to people's "low" knowledge of word I need this to be more automated.

I will look into adding field to SuperOffice to get the Initials from there. If possible, it will solve my problem.

It's like EricFlatcher states in his first paragraph (point). First full name then short name (initials); "according to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), the salmon...", and then later, "but the DFO assessment..."

The short name will be used through the whole document. A list is not necessary for now.

Yes, I know about the find and replace, but I want to automate it more some of my collogues that are 60+ years and are not steady in word.

I'll get back to you on add field in SuperOffice.