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Web redirection set

I have a few hundred domain names to redirect to specialised portal page URLs. I look for a list manageable  solution. Either a specialized service or to build a web server with a dedicated IP and a simple redirect script.

Any suggestion to keep this simple, reliable and cheap ?
Thank you!
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If all the domains are pointed at a single IP, then a single IP based Apache instance should do you.

Are all requests to be directed to the SAME page, or is there to be logic / a mapping based on the domain name, if the latter you'll probably want a simple Rewrite Map set-up, either in a local file or a database.
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No they do not go to the same page. Mapping on the domain name. I do not want a base or a local file as I do not know which kind of hosting I will get. I would prefer a JS, perl or PHP page acting as a script I can easily update in ASCII and reload. This with the simplest possible web server (as I can play around with several logics) : one IP for multiple mapping to multiple page URLs.
If you don't want to use an Apache based Rewrite Map, then simply search for and pick one of the many hundred "404 handler" scripts sitting out on the Web, and configure your web server to use it as your default 404 (File not found) error document.
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I have received no solution better than the poor one I planned to instal, so I will try to enhance it myself.