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Outlook Security Warnings

I am trying to email out payslips from Micropay Professional. it uses Outlook 2010 to send the payslips however  a "A program is trying to access e-mail addresses" security warning. appears and i have to allow for each email which at 600 staff isn't very productive. i have already select "never warn me about suspicious activity" in the trust centre. i would appreciate any help with this.
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I don't know if it solves your particular problem, but have a look at Advanced Security for Outlook.

I do't know anything about your payslip application, but if it offers otherer ways to send email, you might use i.e. BLAT, a very fleyible email sending utility for scripting purposes. I use BLAT on my own, and it ist perfect for sending email from scripts (i.e. problem or status notifications from servers).