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Access 2010 form is not sending hyperlink in Outlook Mail Item

We recently converted from Microsoft Access 2007 ADP on Windows XP to Access 2010 ADP on Windows 7.  We have a form that allows the user to click a button, which creates an outlook mail item for them to send.  This mail item is supposed to contain a hyperlink for the recipient to follow.  This hyperlink is to a .bat file, which takes the user to the appropriate form.  Our users were upgraded to the system piece-meal.  One of our users generated one such email successfully from the 2007 system, and the recipient could see the link.  Once everyone was on Windows 7 and Access 2010, when the users create these mail items, the hyperlink is missing.  Not only is the hyperlink itself missing, but the hyperlink text as well.  The .bat files are being created and stored in the correct location.  Initially I thought it was because we use a MAPI namespace, but the mail item itself is being created, so I am less inclined to think that is the problem.  I also tried replacing the line-feed (vbLf) with a carriage return line-feed (vbCrLf), as I have read that in some cases Outlook doesn't like this command.  That didn't yield our hyperlink either.  Is there something that changed between Microsoft versions and VB that would cause our code to no longer work, or is there a better way to accomplish this task?
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