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Opening an excel document with initialation parameters

Our server configurations live in version controlled excel spreadsheets.

From our wiki, I would like to be able to deep link into these spreadsheets so that information can be quickly accessed.

Is there a way of opening a spreadsheet and passing additional parameters to excel, e.g. so a specified row will be initially highlighted, or the page will scroll to the requested point - so that I can deep link from my wiki?
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Steven Harris
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How do you want to pass those 'parameters' to excel?  If it is something that will very rarely change, you can add VBA code that will perform a certain action upon the excel file opening.  This will also require that the file format be changed (in Office 2007 or higher).
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I would like to pass the parameters over via a specially crafted link from my wiki, so something triggered from a web browser.

I'd want to do stuff like:

"Networkmaster.xlsx+servername arg" type syntax
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