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MS SQL Server 2005 - Import Excel into Table


I have one excel shreadsheet with only 11 records to add to an existing SQL Table.

I am new to SQL and a little slow.

I would like to import the 11 records into the table.

I looked at SSIS but do not have this installed on PC.

Also noticed that I could write a query but again I am new to SQL and don't know how to do.

Note: This table is going to be attached to Crystal Reports 2008 and maybe there is another way to do this?

The Fields in the SQL Table are all set to nchar(10)

Please help and thanks
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1 right click your database  -- Tasks --- import data
2 make your soudata source the excel file

 3 make your file path the excel file (next)  
 4 destination SQL server client (next)
 5 Radio button copy data from one or more tables  (next)

6 click the sheet on excel with the data on the left (source)
7 click the destintation dropdown  and select hte tavble your importing into (destination)  (next)
8 on reviewin data mapping  
set on Error (global)  to IGNORE
      on truncation (Global) to IGNORE

click Finish

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Hi and thanks,

I just figured it out all I had to do was to make sure the fields in the table where all TEXT and then just copy and paste from Excel into the table.

I looked at your commits and when I right clicked I did not find a task on the menu.  I right clicked on the table?

The options I get are:
New Table
Select Top 1000 Rows
Edit Top 200 Rows (this is what I selected to paste from excel)


If I need to import larger amounts of data into SQL Tables in the future or for anyone to find out how.

I tryed your comment but stopped right at the beginning because I could not find (when right clicking) the task option.

I right clicked my Table and found no indication of how to import the excel sheet.

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