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PCI DSS and Virtual Terminals

We are in the process of examining the requirements to become PCI DSS compliant in regard to Virtual Terminals. My particular query concerns the requirement that the computer accessing the virtual terminal is not connected to other locations or systems in the network, e.g. by firewall/network segmentation.

Ideally we would like use a virtual terminal on all the computers in our finance department. I can segment that part of the network but would open up the relevant ports such that the computers can access our email/filestore/application servers/internet, without allowing access from other computers into the segment. Would this arrangement fulfill the requirements, and if so is there any evidence to support this view?

Alternatively it has been suggested that End Point Protection, i.e a full suite malware/spyware/anti-virus/local firewall, on each computer would suffice. Again would this fulfill the requirements and is there any evidence to support this view?
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