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Cisco 2921 CME with Unity Express


I have a project where we have to install 25 users 7965 telephones & Cisco 2921 with appropriate IOS ,  Pri card PVDM, 2960 POE switch etc..  with LAN only.

If I procure above hardware( cabling is already in place.. ) can finish installation with trial then purchase the license later after few days?

Please help ..

Thanks in advance
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José Méndez

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looks ok but did not understand the statement

Please note that the IOS UC Technology Package must also be installed. The IOS UC Technology Package license is also available for a 60 day evaluation.

is it built in or we need to apply for the same ?   in other words is it built in with new box or at the time of registration we get the same?

I am under impression that just connect boxes & devices ... configure & go for 60 days...

am I thinking right...


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José Méndez

yes. The UC package they refer to is the ability of the IOS to handle ip telephony. Make sure you download the appropriate IOS with CME capabilities, that is what they refer to as UC package.