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I want to lock down a machine in a workgroup - the machine is for off-site users who will be connecting remotely.  I'm trying to find a way to not allow the user to make changes to the desktop or get into the control panel, etc.  My question is if I lock down the machine using gpedit will that affect the Administrator or is there a way around it?
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The administrator will not be affected.  

You are locking down a user not the machine.  Have one user setup on that machine that will always be logged on.  Set the Group Policy for that user.  I think that is the easiest way for you to do this.  And if that machine ever crashes, you just use another computer and log in and all the settings will be there.
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so in other words, I have to lock it down as the user?
I would
ok thx will try.
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Thanks for this too.  THis is my Monday project.  I'll let you know.
thanks this did the trick.